The new art of keeping both virtual and in-person attendees engaged.

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Last week was great! I enjoyed sharing real-life experience in a new presentation with a cohort of students at the University of California Santa Cruz. The topic was a favorite of mine: “Customer-Centric Product Development”. I had already interacted with classes in that specific program before, but it was the first time we’d move the session 100% online.

Hint: it’s about getting your strategic context right.

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Eisenhower, MoSCoW, Kano, ICE, RICE! These are not exotic cocktail names but just a handful of the numerous prioritization frameworks that product teams use to decide which features to build!

Hint: find the right balance between short and long-term

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One of the central questions I hear most ofen is whether business leaders should play it safe or whether now is the time to place strategic bets and take some calculated risks.

Getting the right customer insights is the surest way to boost your product success.

Using tools like the Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) theory for competitive analysis

Image of people crawling under ropes.
Image of people crawling under ropes.
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The “Bad-Good-Great Product Manager” Classic Revisited

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I truly realized the importance of great product managers, when I took my first General Management job back in the 2000s, coming from the business and marketing side.

Successful product teams are not a myth. It all starts with the customer.

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I’m a lucky guy! A few times in my career, I’ve enjoyed working with highly effective and successful product teams. You know, the ones that think the way their customers do. The ones that have built enough credibility, not to be derailed by crazy senior executive ideas. These are the ones that deliver like clockwork.

Profit and Loss Fundamentals for Product and Business Leaders

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I still vividly remember the first time my boss told me: “Tanguy, you’re in charge now. You’re the General Manager of this business unit. You own the P&L, don’t mess up”.

Tanguy Leborgne

I’m a senior executive with deep general management expertise. I’m passionate about business, product, and marketing optimization.

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