Murphy’s Law is here to stay. Learn how to live with it!

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2020 reminded all of us in a significant way that Murphy’s Law is real and things rarely go as planned!

So what lessons did we learn? How should we approach inevitable change in…

Great customer onboarding is the key to sustained profitability.

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Of course, I encountered power fights, incompetence, mean and selfish behaviors. Yet, they didn’t outweigh the authentic moments of pride and realization that I was part of something bigger than me.

It wasn’t always the case, however. Like too many of us, I’ve had my dose of extreme frustration with corporate life. I would complain about office politics, the slowness of getting things done. …

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I graduated from Business School with a Masters degree in Marketing. Yet, little did I know about marketing then! I kept navigating between sales and marketing roles. It took me years of practice to appreciate marketing and understand its core functions. When I moved into general management and spent more time with product management, engineering, operations, finance, I realized how misunderstood marketing was. Disregarded by some as a necessary evil or reduced to the function of MarCom (remember I work in Tech!).

So, it’s no surprise that the longevity of CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) in their role is short compared…

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The engagement was substantial, and about 35% of students signed up for one of my related programs. Most importantly, this session made me think about how much has changed with presentations and meetings since the pandemic started. We can expect further evolution…

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Despite the numerous methods available, my product teams and I have struggled for years to prioritize products and product features into our development pipeline effectively. We had managed to get it right with customer insights, understanding their biggest problems. Also, we truly understood our narrow and broad competition and how we compared. …

Nice one. I've always considered product marketing to be an integral part of the product team.

Hint: find the right balance between short and long-term

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One year into the COVID-19 crisis, product and business leaders are still genuinely struggling with extreme shifts in their environments, professions, and personal lives.

The good news is that we have insightful lessons from the past. After more than twenty years spent with “Corporate America,” I realize the ability to build resilience and adapt is paramount. Companies that produce the right competencies will be the winners.

But how…

It’s never been easier to collect data from customers and analyze their journey’s different steps. Companies that master this skill definitely have a competitive advantage, as research shows. Yet, too many Product and Marketing teams mostly rely on quantitative data and analytics. These are critical, but not enough. They give insights into “what” happened and can help model “what” will happen. But they don’t indicate “why” things happened, “why” customers (or prospects) think a certain way.

In the early 2000s, I experienced first-hand that the best way to get to the “why” was to engage in richer conversations and discover…

Great article and references. Thanks! Along these lines, a book I really enjoyed is The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick. It really helps understand the power no leading open-ended questions and how to really get into the minds of your audience to assess the problems worth solving.

Tanguy Leborgne

I’m a senior executive with deep general management expertise. I’m passionate about business, product, and marketing optimization.

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