Hint: it’s closer to information technology than creative talent!

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I graduated from Business School with a Masters degree in Marketing. Yet, little did I know about marketing then! I kept navigating between sales and marketing roles. It took me years of practice to appreciate marketing and understand its core functions. When I moved into general management and spent more…

Hint: it’s about getting your strategic context right.

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Eisenhower, MoSCoW, Kano, ICE, RICE! These are not exotic cocktail names but just a handful of the numerous prioritization frameworks that product teams use to decide which features to build!

Despite the numerous methods available, my product teams and I have struggled for years to prioritize products and product features…

Tanguy Leborgne

I’m a senior executive with deep general management expertise. I’m passionate about business, product, and marketing optimization. tanguy@theproductsherpa.com

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